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What Is A PAN Number?

PAN is an acronym for Permanent Account Number. It was introduced by the Indian Income Tax Department in order to keep track of everyone's taxes. As per the rules laid in 2007 it is now mandatory for NRIs, PIOs, OCIs and foreign nationals who wish to do any sort of financial or investing related transactions in India.

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Applying a PAN card for NRI can be a confusing. Our team of experts will simplify the entire application process for you, from start to end.

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Our goal is to make the PAN card application process simple & quick by handling your entire case from start to end till you get your Indian PAN card in UK.

How To Apply A PAN Card For NRI?

We have assisted thousands of NRIs globally in the last 10 years to apply & receive their Indian PAN cards in UK. If you wish to apply for fresh, duplicate, corrections or need an updation; we can assist you too. Simply start below and our team will assist you from start to end till you successfully receive your PAN card abroad.
Getting changes or any kind of correction in an existing card can be a daunting task. Our years of experience can simplify this.

​​Have you lost or damaged your old PAN card and need a reprint? Simply start your process below and we shall handle the rest for you.

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